Medeubek Maksat Sagatbekuly was born in Almaty in 10.01.1986. In 1994-2003 he studied in Kazakh Music Boarding School for gifted children named after A. Zhubanov on kylkobyz specialty in the classes of the distinguished Cultural Worker of USSR, Honorary worker of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, associate professor A.Zhumabekuly. In 2003-2004 he graduated from Republican Special Music boarding-school for gifted children named after K. Baiseitova, and was enrolled at the faculty of Folk music of Kazakh national conservatory after Kurmangazy. In 2003-2005 together with a talented kuy performer, dombra player Nyrsat Beisekozha he formed a dombra and kobyz duet called «Nursat and Maksat». He created the composition «Nurgali» and «Akku». In 2004-2008 he demonstrated his art as a member of «Saryn» folk and ethnographic ensemble in Kazakh state conservatory after Kurmangazy, and was a kobyz and dombra player in «Urker» group. In 2008 together with B.Bekmukhanbet, S.Nurmoldaev, А.Arykbaev he created «Turan»  folklore and ethnographic ensemble. They gave performances on a tour to Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Israel, Spain, Korea, Egypt, France, Hungary, USA, London, Switzerland, Rumania, India, Taiwan, China, Russia, Uzbekstan, Turkmenstan, Kyrgyzstan, and demonstrated Kazakh art there. In 2008-2010 he finished the master’s program of the abovementioned educational institution. In 2006-2008 he was the kobyz player in «Almaty auenderi» SMMO, «Sazgen sazy» ensemble. In 2009-2011 he gave lessons in Kazakh national conservatory after Kurmangazy, in experimental school after J.Aubakirova on kylkobyz specialty.  From 2009 up to date he has worked as kylkobyz teacher in «Kobyz and accordion» chair of Kazakh national conservatory after Kurmangazy. Some of his students became the laureates of International and Republican competitions, including Erbol Moldir who won the prize in «Shabyt»,  «Ykylas» contests;   Zarakiya Serik - in Republican Olympiad;  Kasenova Alina - in «Shabyt»,  «Tattimbet» competitions. In 2013 he worked in the science department of the Museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas. That year he also gave additional lessons on kylkobyz instrument in Kazakh national academy of art after  Т.Zhurgenov. In 2014 Kazakh national academy of art after  Т.Zhurgenov opened first kylkobyz classes, and he started his work as a teacher of kylkobyz specialty. In 2015 he proceeded his work as senior teacher in this academy.  In the same year he was the kobyz teacher in "# 1 children’s musical school" state municipal management organization of Ili region. He became the laureate of several international and republican contests, including: Young performers’ festival after Akhmet Zhubanov in 1999 – 2nd place;  І city festival after Gulnafis Bayazitova in 2001 – 2nd place; ХХIII Republican contest of young performers in 2002 – 3rd place; V competition of international folk instrument performers after Kurmangazy in 2003 – 3rd place; International festival of creative youth “Shabyt” in 2003  – 3rd place; Republican contest in 2004 – 2nd place; ІІ competition of traditional music performers carried out on «Asyl mura» project in 2004 – 2nd place; ІІ Tattibbet Kazangapuly Republican folk instrument performers competition in 2004 – 2nd place; ІІІ competition of traditional music performers carried out on «Asyl mura» project in 2005 – 1st place; VIII International festival of creative youth “Shabyt” in2005 – 1st place; «Mangilik saryn» traditional music festival, «Nar kobyz» nomination, in 2007 – 1st place; International kylkobyz players’ competition after Ykylas Dukenuly carried out in Taraz in 2008 – 2nd place;   traditional art performance festival among Turkic speaking countries named after Korkut in 2012 – 1st place, І Republican kobyz players’ competition after Erden Sandybaiuly in 2014 – 2nd place; oblast stage of 2 Republican pedagogical readings on "Reviving traditional kobyz art by means of modern innovative technologies (Electronic teaching aid – device for websites and mobile phones)" topic with the theme of «Innovations and practicies in education: imperatives» among the workers of technical and vocational educational institutions in 2016 – 2nd place;

His scientific and methodological works: 1. His master's thesis on topic: «Typology of kylkobyz instrument»; 2. «Kazakh folk instrument narkobyz andways to improve it» - the collection of international conference “Tradition and development” dedicated to 150th anniversary of D.Nurpeisova, Almaty-2013; 2.Bulletin of Kazakh national conservatory after Kurmangazy №3(4), 19.09.2014  «Methods and techniques of playing kobyz» 3. Kazakh national pedagogical university after Abay, Modern times: The world of opinions: almanac of philosophy №2 (58), 2014 Almaty, «Some methodological issues of art of playing kobyz».  4. «One more extinct Kazakh ancient wind instrument», KNC after Kurmangazy, Faculty of folk music, 70 years. «Traditional musical culture: the past and the present», materials of 2nd international scientific and practical conference. Almaty, 2015. pp.119. 5. «Kobyz and narkobyz», Methodological aid for the course on the subject of «Specialty». 6. М.Medeubek. Almaty: the publishing house of Kazakh national academy of art after Т.K.Zhurgenov, 2015-p.59.  He is the author of the methodological complex for the elective courses «The study of kobyz», «Adaptation of folk songs to kobyz» for bachelor’s program, and “Resolving orchestral difficulties”, “Learning to play relational instruments” in KNC after Kurmangazy. He is also the author of the subjects “Specialty” and “Additional instrument” on kobyz specialty in the chair of Traditional musical art in Kazakh national academy of art after Т.K.Zhurgenov.

Organizational work: 1.Opening and introduction of nar kobyz instrument called «Nar tolgau». The small hall of KNC after Kurmangazy, 25.11.2011; 2. Restoration and introducing the extinct Kazakh ancient wind instrument «Mes syrnai» (round table with participation of well-known performers and scientists), 16.11.2015. 2. Introduction of mes syrnai instrument. The museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas, 23.11.2015; 3. М.S.Medeubek and B.Bekmukhanbet’s personal concert “I have a kuy flowing in my veins”. The museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas, 13.05.2015. 4. Poetic evening called “Abai’s runlet” of a poet, doctor of philology, professor, laureate of the state youth award “Daryn”, recipient of the “Kurmet” award BAUYRZHAN Omirzhanuly Zhakyp. The museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas, 25.11.15; 5. Professor of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, doctor of historical sciences Karibaev Bereket Bakytzhanuly. Historical and informative evening “HISTORY OF FIVE CENTURIES” dedicated to 550th anniversary of Kazakh khanate. The museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas, 11.12.15; 6. The concert of traditional music «Mangilik el - mangilik saryn» dedicated to Day of the First President of Kazakhstan. The museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas, 04.12.15 7. Literary and music evening «ABAY’S DOMBRA ON MUSEUM STAGE!» dedicated to 170th anniversary of Abay Kunanbaev, The museum of folk musical instruments after Ykylas, 25. 12.15;

Scientific work